Self-Care 101

By Mackensie Wise for Suck My Chic.

Suck My Chic
3 min readJan 29, 2021


In a world of hurdles, roadblocks, and immeasurable to-do lists — it can be easy to find ourselves in an “oh sh$t,” 2 glasses of wine, bubble bath moment. Trust me — we already have Marvin Gaye playing and the water running while we type this, so bear with us….

In the world of digital messages, digital selling, and digital communication — it can be all too easy to be overwhelmed by the general messages of what to do when we have too much to do. Nonetheless — we seem to perpetuate that general self-care and “treat yo self” moments are best found in the things we can purchase to free and distract from the inevitable that is our reality.

We are here to release that there should not be a point of exhaustion that grants us permission to sip an aged bottle of wine, sink into a bubble bath, or feel the overwhelming calmness that accompanies a facial. The list could go on for the various ways we “escape” the constant “go, go” in our lives; however, we wanted to acknowledge the following:

Your “go-to” beverage, bath bomb, facial, massage, etc., should not only be present in your life when you feel like you are not.

They are the deep breath, big smile moments that we can immerse — with moderation, into our lives consistently. Without a permission slip that says, “When it hasn’t been your day, week, month, or even year…” — Yes, we just quoted the friends theme song, it was fitting…

Last night we uncorked the wine with a screw; our wine opener was broken — so that’s where our week is at — so hold on tight for this next reveal…

Hear us out — what if we educated ourselves, our friends, our generation, future generations, the world…. that self-care and taking care of YOU is similar to prepping the coffee maker the night before or laying your clothes out before a big interview.

Self-care is inviting the people and places that drive excitement and joy into your life. It’s being who you are, saying what you want — unapologetically. It’s entering a room as you are, nonetheless with the openness and willingness to learn a perspective you may not have heard before.

It’s sitting down for 2 hours and setting an intention for the year, all while creating a…



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